Track, Analyse and Improve your Fleet Operations

Organizations managing and running fleets usually operate on razor thin margins. Profits are heavily dependent on optimization methodologies. The recession has further depleted the revenue of fleet companies, resulting in reduced scale of operations, lower profits and inefficient processes..

Some of the Key Challenges That Fleet Operators Face Today Include:

  • Visibility into the locations of mobile assets
  • Optimal dispatch of ad-hoc jobs or orders to vehicles in real-time
  • Real-time tracking of jobs, and forecasting fulfillment
  • Fleet optimization to control spiraling fleet running costs
  • High levels of Fleet Empty Runs – 24% of the total runs are usually empty
  • Low fleet utilization – 33% of a vehicle’s lifetime is spent in runs
  • Managing the health, maintenance, and safety of mobile resources

Connectivity for Dispatch/Vessel Loading

Automated system checks the selected yard location and calculates the distance to nearby Road /Rail/conveyor connectivity and suggests nearest location based on the date of dispatch which makes the transportation of cargo easier and cost effective. For cargo export it checks the nearest yard to berth based on the expected date of export.

Shifting Planning

We capture Shifting planning for a better the future yard planning and considering safety parameters. High level of automation makes differentiating cargo types and selecting available area much easier. Shift Strategies is a change management practice that consults with individuals, businesses, NGO’s and government to effectively manage change, strengthen local economies and create equity resulting in meaningful, visible and lasting impact.

Strategy that translates into operating plans results in accountability and impact. Shift Strategies lays the foundation by developing, planning and delivering actionable outcomes.

Vehicle Tracking

System has been integrated with Vehicle transport system (VHS) which traces the movement of vehicles inside the port area which improves visibility on vehicle movement, hold, release, reason of hold. Logistics/Managers can monitor and track the status at any instance of time and at any place. System also allows to track a particular vehicle inside the yard area and can avail the detailed information of the current status of it via VTS. Whether for theft, security, or business purpose, now you can know the exact location of your vehicle with our real-time GPS tracker.


  • Reduced yard operations costs and increased productivity due to a high level of automation,
  • Ranking of vehicles in order to reduce rework costs.
  • Timely reconciliation of assets in the Yard
  • Improved yard productivity and throughput
  • The finished vehicle distribution facilities with ease Lower delays and subsequent holding charges (Port Demurrages) Covers warranty management for better tracking of repairs and damages during transportation