ERP solutions are all set to revolutionize the world of chemical and pharmaceutical companies and we at  Technotrust Technologies  make sure that our services are always upbeat and solution oriented in nature. To scale up the performance in such unflappable economy, pharma companies need to be flexible and more efficient. Our team at Technotrust works scrupulously to create micro and macro-ERP modules that too with dedicated time frame which has rendered high efficiency and increased flexibility to the client company.

Here is a list of things ERP and cloud computing can do for your Pharmaceutical company-


The most obvious benefit to be mentioned here is the reduction in cost of operating any knowledge based industry as the infrastructure would be taken care by another third party cloud computing firm.


Most of the industries when shift to cloud computing are more efficiently involved in vendor management inventory which gives out real time order statuses and forecasts as well.


For the industries such services industries like Chemical and Pharmaceuticals, which depend upon engineer- to- order or Build- to- order strategies (for example the products that need to be engineered during specific demands like swine flu vaccines) as the core model of their business functioning, using cloud platforms can help in managing and accelerating the process drastically. This helps in both cutting down the cost of surveying and leading to an increase in business.


Performance outage can be easily analysed over a cloud system and then be avoided leading to better results and risk reduction in long term.


The algorithms in cloud computing can help in analyzing and evaluating the right size of the storage required. This can save millions of bucks for big companies.


In the company Ely Lilly, there is a massive base of the computing system which means every scientist is working at their full efficiency most of the time. This is because in any knowledge-based industry, there might be steps which need to be taken care of before and the people, or the scientists here, have to sit in “queue” for performing their share of work. Managing data with the help of ERP and Cloud computing means that there is work which can be done simultaneously and other work which can be made immediately available if the need be.