Metal Industries

Our Solution for Steel and Metal Industries

The scarcity of power and raw material, coupled with rising costs, makes it critical for steel manufacturers to remain competitive in order to survive. Both small, unorganized players and large Multinationals find that it is imperative to have a 360 degree view of the business on a continual basis. And that is exactly what Microsoft Dynamics 365 guarantees.
Whether you are a single product producer or a producer of custom-specific steel products, you need a solution that seamlessly integrates your operations and brings you the best of business practices in Steel and Steel products manufacturing.

Steel Production

Since Steel Production is a material intensive process, the quality of what you produce is of paramount importance. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can constantly monitor your quality and alert you about impending issues.

  • Configurable quality processes and parameters
  • Track quality across all processes( both shop floor and vendor supplied parts)
  • Quality graded products and best deal for customers
  • Comprehensive rejection management and associated root cause analysis

Technotrust’s Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Steel and Metal helps you produce parts in small or large volumes without compromising on cost and quality.

  • Configurable manufacturing planning process helps you plan your production based on various manufacturing strategies like lot for lot, periodic order policies etc.
  • Deployment of efficient reservation process provides the best of inventory carrying process, leading to huge savings for Work In Progress