Process Manufacturing - Foundry and Casting industry

Foundry and Casting industry is a complex and rigid industry – complex in the sense that the processes involved are cumbersome and rigid because, in this industry, traditional methods and processes seem too stubbornly established to allow for drastic technological changes. To keep up with other direct and indirect competitors, foundries need to level up in terms of technology and innovation. There are many changes taking place from the supplier-side as well as the customer-side of the foundries which force them to be expeditious in their business processes. Also, foundries must be able trace the know-how of their resource – people, products, place, etc. as here, every paisa counts and loss of production or poor production planning is not endurable.

These tasks are integrated and made easy by Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution, which is a complete package for foundries and casting companies. Solutions and features specific to foundries and casting companies will help you to be innovative and adaptive.

We also provide a solution developed by us on Microsoft Dynamics platform, especially for foundry and casting industry. It is an end-to-end robust ERP solution that will change the way you do business. It will be your tool to be top of your game and not miss out any opportunity that will come your way from now on.


  • Mould management
  • Purchase management
  • Material planning
  • Tracking and formula adjustment
  • Reduced labor and manufacturing costs
  • Detailed production cost analysis