Digital Transformation Guidance

Leaders shepherding a digital transformation effort certainly don’t lack for advice. From tips to traps to “must-do” approaches, it can seem like everyone has an opinion on the right way to proceed. Our team has spent the last four years helping some of the world’s largest companies effect real change, and we’re here to say: Most digital transformation advice is well-meaning, but misleading. 

Which is not to say that digital transformation isn’t worth pursuing. To the contrary: the creativity, agility, and resilience you can get from modernizing your software development and deployment practice can reap tremendous rewards and change the future of your business.

But don’t bother obsessing over “the right way” to approach your own digital transformation: There’s no such thing, because each company has different needs. Unique goals, starting points, culture, people, and leaders mean it’s silly to expect that Company A’s strategy and tactics will work just as well at Company B.