Construction & Projects (Real-state)

Take Control of Your Business with Dynamics 365 For Construction

Manage & Schedule Resources in Real Time

Be ready with the right manpower, machinery, resources, skills, tools and equipment for your every single task

Manage Equipments & Machinery

Leverage high-cost equipment and machinery across multiple projects with excellent efficiency.

Estimate Project Costs with Accuracy

Use historical data of previous projects with real-time costs of resources and workforce for accurate project cost estimations.

Access the system from any device

Operate your complex ERP & CRM using mobiles, tablets, laptops and more. Never miss an update with real-time data entry using mobile devices.

Track Bookings at All Stages

From Prospects to the interested buyer to a customer, track your buyers at all stages of their buyer’s journey.

Real Time View of Financials

Get projections with recent cost variations while leveraging historical data for accurate real-time control over finance.

Customize Bills to suit Everyone

Offer every customer a customized billing plan according to their needs, a single automated system that supports part payment, monthly EMI, milestone-based payments etc.

Track & Adapt

Get alerted by an intelligent system for any project change or delay and adapt accordingly to meet the deadlines or alert the stakeholders well in advance.

Automate & Analyze

A single automated system that brings all your projects at one place, giving you the ability to analyze projects on micro-level and company at the macro scale as well.

Promises Delivered

Deliver on every promise made, deliver on cost, deliver on deadlines, your happy customers will keep coming back and bringing others along with them.

Realtime Inventory Tracking

Track inventory of tools, machinery, equipment, raw materials, with real-time updates, automatic replenishment and more. A single dashboard to track all your inventories.

Integrate with Existing Microsoft Products

Your team must already be using MS Excel, Word etc. for their day to day work. Imagine a system where they can keep working on their existing Microsoft products while the system intelligently processes their current data to merge into the new system.

Unified Robust System

A single system for all your teams, from finance, HR, on-site workers, off-site workers, to top management, everyone is there on a unique system for real-time tracking of events and seamless communication throughout the organization.

Power of Business Intelligence

Utilize PowerBI, SSRS, and other powerful tools from Microsoft by integrating them with your Dynamics 365. Forecast, Analyze, Plan, and Execute projects with high accuracy.