Automotive Equipment

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Solution for Automotive Industries

Gain access to real-time data and improve visibility into the product development process with robust product lifecycle management (PLM) and project management capabilities. Infor PLM Discrete-a key component of IMicrosoft Dynamics 365 Automotive for Tier suppliers-has helped organizations achieve measurable improvements, including a reduction in time to market by more than 50%.

  • The automotive manufacturing industry continues to exceed expectations worldwide.
  • However, several key challenges are present, including new technically advanced vehicles, demographic shifts and preferences, and hybrid models and options.
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the software solutions to maximize the efficiency and flexibility, and keep the business on pace with the global automotive market.
  • Create a world-class planning and materials logistics system
  • Improve lead time and reduce waste through implementation of lean production strategies
  • Supervise the entire product process and product life history
  • Embedded robust quality management provides a foundation for meeting product quality standards and cost reductions across your entire enterprise
  • Synchronize manufacturing operations globally through enterprise purchasing management and multi-plant management
  • Gain complete visibility with a comprehensive end-to-end solution